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Conductor Thomas Clamor

Conductor Thomas Clamor Conductor Thomas Clamor

As a conductor, teacher and musical ambassador crossing all borders, Thomas Clamor transmits his dedication and enthusiasm to his musicians and audience alike. In addition to being the principle conductor of the Saxon Wind Philharmonic (Saxony Philharmonic Wind Orchestra), he is an internationally sought after guest conductor for multiple symphonic orchestras and chamber music ensembles around the world. Many well-respected audio, video and radio broadcast recordings document the stylistic range of his artistic work.

Thomas Clamor founded the European Brass Ensemble, based in Austria at the Melk Abbey (UNESCO-World Heritage Site), as well as the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble, which placed him on some of the greatest stages in the world. He has conducted at, among others, the Salzburg Festival, the London Proms, Carnegie Hall and the Berlin Philharmonic and is a well-received guest by many orchestras in China, Korea, South America and Europe.

Pedagogically, Thomas Clamor is also continually taking on new challenges. Since 2011 he has been the director of the German Wind Academy. He was a guest professor in Weimar and Detmold and is a professor (honoris causa) at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. At the Berlin Hanns Eisler School of Music he laid the foundation for the department of Music Communications and initiated projects with his students in some of Berlin's more socially difficult areas. Social issues are also at the heart of "El Sistema" in Venezuela, one of the most significant worldwide social projects, having been built from the concept of music's power to change. For 15 years, Thomas Clamor's work there has been held in high regard, as he gives children and adolescents a vision for the future.

For many years the Berlin Philharmonic was Thomas Clamor's musical home. In 1986 Herbert von Karajan hired the trumpet player as the then youngest member of the world-class orchestra. He remained a member of the Philharmonics for over 20 years. During this time he became acquainted with the most important stages in the world and experienced the greatest soloists and conductors in their daily work.

Even today Thomas Clamor works and conducts with the highest level of artistic exchange. In 2015 he was awarded a German Order of Merit. With his artistic excellence he is an exemplary model of someone who not only makes impressive social contributions but is also actively involved in national and international education. Thomas Clamor never presents himself on stage as just a musician, but as a whole person. Through his art and projects, he shows how important music is for every individual and what art can achieve in society.